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FRP Fan Blade

FRP fan blades have been specially designed aerodynamically for cooling Towers .Flow characteristic of the fan outlet ensures an optimum distribution of air across the cooling Towers , giving an added benefit to the system.

XP Separator

  • Easy & Simple
  • No backwashing.
  • Easily automatic operation.
  • No standby equipment required.
  • Little flow loss.
  • Compact, space-saving profiles.

Water Pumps

  • KSPW Water pump
  • System equipment
  • High building water supply
  • Industrial water supply
  • Fire protection
  • Civil construction

Water Care Systems

  • XF Water Sand Filter
  • Filter Tank is made of carbon steel with five layers’ coating, so is absolutely corrosion free and weather resistant
  • With selected North American natural silica sand as filtering media, excellent for trapping suspended solid in circulation water
  • With specially designed backwash counting device

Cooling Tower Fill Packaging

  • V wave Packing
  • S wave packing
  • Dot Wave Packing
  • Double incline wave Packing
  • Bevel Angle Packing Width, 200-250mm Also can according to your need  Thickness, 0.35-0.4mm

Air Conditioning & Ventilation System

CSC Engineering provide services related to the prevention and investigation of accidents involving heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC systems include all of the equipment used to ventilate, heat, and cool a building, to move the air within the building, and to filter the air. 

Screw Water Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Regfrigeration

  • Screw water chiller features and advantages: 
  • Imported Screw Compressor 
  • High performance Shell and Tube evaporator 
  • High performance Water type condenser 
  • Air type condenser 
  • Copper tubing-aluminum fin type and