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Factory and Warehouse Address

227 & 228, Lorong Suasa 3/2, Suasa Industrial Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah.
Tel: 04-489 1060
Fax: 04-489 1070
Email: cscengrg@gmail.com
Email: cscengrg@yahoo.com

Company Profile

Founded on 10 October 1995, CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Mescon Enterprise in Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman. The company was established primarily focusing on professional engineering solutions encompass supply, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and parts replacement services for all forms of cooling tower systems, nationwide.

Later in 1999, the company was renamed and upgraded to private limited concern as CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd, further expanding its nationwide footprint by offering comprehensive range of cooling tower engineering services that address Health, Safety and Environmental concerns in key compliance areas.

Here at CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd, we have broad range of product portfolio in across industries such as Wooden Crossflow, Concrete Crossflow, Concrete Counterflow, Wooden Counterflow and so on.

Our reputation is second to none in Malaysia – With our well-trained engineering experts, technicians and vast resources mean we can provide professional and reliable advice, consultancy and report on the condition of any cooling tower systems prior to our proposal submissions, where applicable. In general, our skilled teams of experts are well verse in:

•    Cooling Tower Fan Blade

•    HVAC Cooling Tower Fan

•    King Sun Cooling Tower

•    Water Cooled Chiller

•    Air-Cooler Chiller

•    Cooling Fan

•    Heat Exchangers

•    Cooling Tower Parts & Components

•    Brent wood Cooling Tower Infill

•    Cooling Tower Spare Parts

•    Cold room System

•    Cooling Coil Equipment

•    Air Conditioning & Ventilation System

•    Bearing & Pump

•    Cooling Tower Fill Packaging


CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd recognizes that all engineering servicing activities carried out will produce broad environmental implications which can be potentially damaging to the mother earth, rest assured that we will comply with legislation and continuously improve the best environmental practice in the industry.

Cross Flow Wood

Crossflow wood cooling towers, designed to serve all normal cooling water systems—as well as those “dirty water” systems which would place the long term operation of a film-fill tower in jeopardy.
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